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Fresh & Smoked Fish

​Our Whitefish and Perch is caught locally in the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan by our own commercial fishing fleet. Other wild caught fresh fish is sourced from commercial fisheries throughout the United States. We smoke all of the fish at our facility.
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Fresh Whitefish Fillets

Whitefish (coregonus clupeaformis) are caught by Baileys Harbor Fish Company boats on Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. All whitefish are processed at our facility in Baileys Harbor.

Fillets average 6oz.-10oz.  Our recommendation is one fillet per person.

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Fresh Walleye

Wisconsin does not have a commercial fishery for Walleye (sander vitreus). We purchase our Walleye direct from commercial fisheries on Lake Erie.

Fillets average 4oz.-6oz. Our recommendation is one-two fillets per person.

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Fresh Yellow Perch

Our Yellow Perch (perca flavescens) is caught by our commercial boats on the Bay of Green Bay or purchased from other commercial fisheries.

Medium size butterfly fillets. Our recommendation is 3-4 butterfly fillets per peson.

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Smoked Whitefish Chunks

We smoke all of our fish at our processing facility/retail store in Baileys Harbor. Smoking begins with our wood selections, then processing in only a salt brine, we create our traditional smoked fish flavor.

Smoked Whitefish Fillets

We offer our Smoked Whitefish in fillets. These can be ordered in a larger size for events/buffet style. 

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Smoked Lake Trout Fillets

The Lake Trout is purchased from Tribal Fisheries in Michigan who fish northern Lake Michigan. Currently no commercial fishery in Wisconsin for Lake Trout. We hand fillet the Lake Trout in our processing plant and then smoke.

Smoked Atlantic Salmon Fillets

We purchase a high quality Atlantic Salmon and smoke at our processing plant/retail facility. There is no commercial catch of salmon allowed in Lake Michigan. The Atlantic Salmon fillets can be ordered in a whole fillet for events/buffet style.

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Smoked Whitefish Spread

Our Smoked Whitefish Spread is make in small batches at our facility. Sold in 8oz. containers the spread is a cream cheese base with an awesome amount of our Smoked Whitefish, a must try!

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Flash Frozen Fish & Seafood

​Our frozen products are flash frozen at our facilities.
Commercially frozen products last up to 12 months in your freezer!
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Frozen Whitefish Fillets

Flash frozen the day they were caught on our boats. Our fillets are available in single servings and a pack of 5 individual fillets. 

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Frozen Whitefish Whole-Head & Tail Off

Flash frozen whole cleaned Whitefish are most commonly baked whole. Want the head and tail on? You Becha! Call ahead and we will set them aside.

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Frozen Whitefish Boil Chunks

Frozen boil chunks are packaged 6-8 chunks/steaks per package. We will take orders of any size, just call ahead.

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Frozen Whitefish Taco Strips

Baileys Harbor Fish Company exclusively skins and cuts the taco strips. The strips are flash frozen then packaged in 1lb. vacuum packs. Great for fish sticks or chowder as well!

Frozen Whitefish Burgers

We grind pure Whitefish meat (no bones) and then patty in to 1/4# burgers. There are no fillers added it's pure fish meat. Bake, fry or grill these healthy gluten free burgers.

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Frozen Yellow Perch

Flash frozen Yellow Perch with 8-10 butterfly fillets per package. Packages are approximately 1 lb.

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Frozen Walleye

Flash frozen Walleye average 3-5 fillets per package. Packages are approximately 1 lb.

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Frozen Lake Trout

Flash frozen Lake Trout fillets average 6oz-10oz and are individually packaged.

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Frozen Gulf Shrimp

Gulf shrimp are raw with shell on and purchased in bulk, then repackaged. Size 16-20 count (extra jumbo). Serving size is 4-5 shrimp for a 3oz. serving. Bags are approximately 1lb. or 8-10 shrimp.

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Frozen Scallops

Dry Scallops are 10/20 size. and a scallop is close to a half dollar in size. Approximately 10 scallops in a 1lb.

Frozen Sockeye Salmon

Wild caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon are flash frozen on Alaskan fishing boats and then shipped to us. Fillets vary from 1.25lbs.-2.0 lbs. 

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