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Due to availability of fish in the winter, only frozen fillets and smoke fish are available. Sorry no substitutions.

All orders must be received by 11:59 pm CST Sunday (any orders after cut off will ship the following week).

On Wednesday, all boxes are shipped Fed Ex 2-Day Express or UPS 2nd Day. (Continental US only)


ORDER BY MIDNIGHT                           SHIPS ON                                AT YOUR DOOR (delays are out of our control)

                     Sun. 10/28/23                                        Weds. 11/1/23                        Fri. 11/3/23

                     Sun. 11/5/23                                          Weds. 11/8/23                        Fri. 11/10/23

                     Sun. 11/19/23                                        Weds. 11/22/23                      Fri. 11/24/23

                     Sun. 11/26/23                                        Weds. 11/29/23                      Fri.  12/1/23

                     Sun. 12/3/23                                          Weds. 12/6/23                        Fri.  12/8/23

                     Sun. 12/10/23                                        Weds. 12/13/23                      Fri. 12/15/23

                     Sun. 12/17/23                                        Weds. 12/20/23                      Fri. 12/22/23



Smoked Fish is fresh, not frozen. Smoked Fish can be frozen but we do not recommend it as is degrades in quality in the freezer. Our Smoked fish is shipped fresh and good for two weeks refrigerated. If you must freeze, place fish in a freezable, zip-lock bag. Remove all air from the bag and make sure the seal is tight.  Write the date on the bag and use with in 2 months.

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